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It’s hard for women to give up their careers when they are young and turn their focus to the family. “Most of the time I feel that my child has influenced my career and my own life,” Li said. “But when my daughter was born, my mother and my husband’s mother weren’t in Beijing. Without the support of the older generation, we need to care child alone.” In China, the older generation helps their children to take care of the next generation is the fact that every family has a tacit understanding. But for those people like Li who live away from home in Beijing, their parents can’t provide lasting and stable support.

Another way to alleviate the pressure on new parents is to hire a confinement nurse to take care of the children. But actually, now nannies' salaries have surpassed the salaries of ordinary university graduates and office workers in Beijing. Therefore, when a women's monthly salary is lower than the money she pays for a domestic worker to look after her children, they will consider quitting and taking care of their family life in person.

How to revise the two paragraphs to make them easier to understanding?

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