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Korean Simplified Chinese (China) Near fluent
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The day before yesterday, I bought redmi note 7 in Korea, which made in China and now I've used this phone for 2 days and I'm really satisfied with my current phone. At first I bought this at around 1500RMB, but my Chinese friend told me it costs only 900RMB you could buy if you buy in China. Hearing this I feel like I'm kinda overcharged in some way but still I'm totally fine since I l fall in love with my current phone right now. the thing is, the quality of redmi note 7 is similar to Sansumg's galaxy S10 but the price is way cheaper. It's so-called cost-effective.

[ There might be some part is exaggerated unintentionally because I just wanted to use some English term and phrase on this sentence. So if something you think is wrong or not true plz never mind. And Thank you for correcting ]
does this sound natural?

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Korean Simplified Chinese (China) Near fluent
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