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Utilizing fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases, which causes global warming, one of the most serious problem we are facing. Therefore, human have urgent necessity to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels, which I believe is possible for the following three reasons.

First, the world is already capable of replacing fossil fuels. Scientists have presented detailed plans showing how the entire world could theoretically and technologically be powered by renewable energy such as wind, solar, and water resources, which do not emit carbon dioxide, the epitome of greenhouse gases.

Second, thanks to developments in technology, sustainable energy sources are becoming more cost-effective. For example, under some conditions producing wind energy is cheaper than using coal or natural gas. Also, solar panels’ prices are getting lower and lower. Eventually, renewable energy sources will be so cheap that everyone will willingly use them.

Finally, it is likely that several serious crises related to the environment will more frequently occur in the future. For example, many scientists believe that the Earth’s increasing temperature has now resulted in climate change, for example, frequent droughts, heat waves, typhoons, which will become more serious in the near future. Awareness of those dangers will likely lead to more adoption of renewable energy sources.

Based on the points mentioned above, society can eliminate its dependence on fossil fuels in the near future.
does this sound natural?

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English (US)


English (US)

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