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32. How should schools help to prepare young people for the world of work? - Areas of knowledge - Realistic expectations - Personal qualities
By and large, I do believe that schools can help students for the world of work in many ways.
The first aspect I would like to mention is areas of knowledge. It is crystal clear that there are some subjects such as technology, languages, customer service, just to mention but a few, that are required to any kind of job, thus school pensums should itensify the study of these aspects, and reduce hours to subjects that could not be so important for the future of students. In addition, there should be a change in the methodologies used by many teachers. What I mean by that, is that there should not be so much emphasis in theory, but teachers should make the classes more practical in order to guarantee the learningship. The reason why I believe so, is because we learn better by doing rather than reading a myriad of books.
Another aspect worth a mention is personal qualities. As far as I know companies not only require that their employees have qualifications, but they also give priority to soft qualities, even companies apply psychological text to know better the applicants. It is crystal clear that nowadays, soft qualities such as workteam, responsibility, cooperation, just to mention but a few are well appreciate. Were teenagers to learn about how to react to difficult situation, they would have more chances to succeed in life.
In conclusion, I would say that schools play an important role regarding how well prepared are young people for working, thus they do need to enhance the pensums to guarantee a better future to the leavers. The more committed teachers are with the training of students to work, the greater chances students will have to find a job.

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