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Which is the difference between humans and monkeys? We can tell that someone is a human or a monkey in appearance. What about other features? I'll introduce 3 instances.

If someone says "I have a nasal congestion", he must be a human. Mouth-breathing is an only human's feature. Monkeys use only a nose in respiration. You may be afraid that monkeys would die from choking. Don't worry, the nasal congestion is the only human's feature, too.

If someone says "I'm able to use tools", he may be a monkey. It was said that using tools was human's ability. But it has been reported recently that monkeys also use tools, including the fire! Nowadays, it is said that a human's feature is using tools to make other tools.

If someone says "I'm able to mimic you", it's difficult to judge which he is, but I can. There is the word "aping". (Which corresponds to "sarumane" in Japanese."Saru" is an ape, interesting!) Monkeys seem to be good at mimicry. But it is like this; There are two monkeys. One throw something to the other, and the other mimic one, and one re-mimic the other. That is to say, they mimic each other, alternately. In contrast to them, humans can mimic other, simultaneously. For example; a mother simultaneously smiles when a baby smiles. I simultaneously bow when you bow. This is the only human's feature.
does this sound natural?

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