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This is a question about the passage below (The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Alan Sillitoe).

[Q]When the speaker says [he feels like the first and last man on the world], he is suggesting that
A. he feels he's alone in the world
B. he has always started first and finished last
C. he is lonely

(The speaker is in a borstal.)
On a raw and frosty morning I get up at five o'clock and stand shivering my belly off on the stone floor and all the rest still have another hour to snooze before the bells go, I slink downstairs through all the corridors to the big outside door with a permit running-card in my fist, I feel like the first and last man on the world, both at once, if you can believe what I'm trying to say.

I thought the right answer A, but now I'm not sure as the title is 'the loneliness' of the long distance runner.
I'd appreciate it if you could answer it.

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