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Even though, most people travel in order to see and learn new things firsthand, some of them prefer to see them, sitting in their comfy sofa. From my point of view, the choice to travel has more disadvantages than benefits.

Firstly, who chooses to travel worldwide must have a lot of money aside because travelling is extremely costly and therefore, not everyone can afford it. In fact, if you desire to visit some of the most popular destinations such us New York and Paris, you need one thousand pound sorely for the ticket, not to mention the extra costs to reserve an hotel and survive there until the end of your holiday. In addition, travelling is one of the leading cause of pollution: long journeys contribute to let our planet to collapse, according to scientists.
However, travelling can be extremely beneficial for several reasons: it can enrich your cultural baggage, make you know new people, a new culture, open your mind and make you aware of what happens outside your house' walls.

To conclude, travelling can be a useful and wonderful experience, however it has a cost and can be detrimental for our planet.
does this sound natural?

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