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This is a question about the passage below (Born to Run by Christopher McDougall).

[Q] Watching run, why does Vigil decide that compassion, kindness and love are more important elements in endurance sports than grit or hunger?
A. Ultrarunning demands something more than physical endurance
B. Each is an essential element of the training required for ultra running
C. Without these elements, it is impossible to survive the pain involved in ultra running.
D.All of the above

“Such a sense of joy!” marveled coach Vigil as he watched the Tarahumara whisk past. He’d never seen anyone running that hard having that much fun. “It was quite remarkable.” Glee and determination are usually antagonistic emotions, yet the Tarahumara brimmed with both at once, as if running to the death made them feel more alive.

It was the smiles that jolted him. That’s it! Vigil thought, ecstatic. I found it! Except he wasn’t sure what “it” was. The revelation he’d been hoping for was right in front of his eyes, but he couldn’t quite grasp it; he could only catch the glim around the edges. But whatever “it” was, he knew it was exactly what he was looking for.

Over the previous few years, Vigil had become convinced that the next leap forward in human endurance would come from a dimension he dreaded getting into: character. Not the “character” other coaches were always rah-rah-rah-ing about; Vigil wasn’t talking about “grit” or “hunger” or “the size of the ?ght in the dog.” In fact, he meant the exact opposite. Vigil’s notion of character wasn’t toughness. It was compassion. Kindness. Love.


I guess the right answer is D but I'm not entirely sure.
Thanks in advance!

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