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Despite everything, she wasn’t frustrated, and she started to find her new job. At the end of serious thought, Eda realized that she likes children very much, and she decided to become a kindergarten teacher. She studied in the College of Education in Kazakhstan for 2 years. At the end, she became a teacher in kindergarten. Eda was pretty happy with her new job and she thought that it is a job of her life. Then she married in 1976, to Leonid Lee, her first and last love. Their marriage was perfect they had three children. A daughter, Olga, followed in 1977, Oksana, in 1980 and a son, Alexander, was born in 1782. After 10 years working in the kindergarten Eda felt that responsibility this job requires very burdened to her, therefore, she quit her job. does this sound natural?

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English (UK) English (US)

English (UK) English (US)
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