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Besides she had three children, Eda decided to go to the college again and study economics to get a new job, accountant. She didn’t think that studying in the college when you have husband and three children is strange. Rather, she did all housework, looked after babies and studied hard. It was a challenge to her, but she didn’t give up and didn’t listen to what people around say. Eda set her goal and did her best to achieve it. In the end, she got her last economic college’s diploma and became an accountant at the biggest local supermarket. All of a sudden, in 1999, her husband, Leonid becomes ill with cancer, which took his life in 2000. It was a big shock to her and all family, but she tried to overcome this tragedy and returned to work after 2weeks, because there was not enough money for family including two college students, Oksana and Alexander. Eda was very hard physically, mentally and financially, but she overcame it, and thanks to her all her children graduated from university. does this sound natural?

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