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Hi guys, can you please help me to correct this text? Thank you
Chapter 7. Review (Succeed)

The Modern Travel Agency has been hailed as one of the most outstanding agencies when it comes to package holidays. Having booked a holiday with the agency to confirm myself this statement, I feel the need to convey to the readership that despite some inconveniences with the acommodation, I had a whale of a time.
What happened at the outset of our holiday was that no sooner had we arrived at the hotel than we were informed that there were not double rooms with a view of the sea, despite we have booked in advance. Notwithstanding, two single rooms were arranged for us. Albeit, we felt disgruntled with the single rooms which were neither unblemished nor neat, your staff was very attentive and did everything for tyding the rooms and made them very comfortable.
Having said that, I would like to highlight the fact that what you will find is that the resort had an arrey of ammenities available. First and foremost, there was Internet in the rooms, and wifi in the common areas. Secondly, not only did we spend an outstanding afternoon in the swimming pool, but we also attended some dancing classes. Furthermore, the gym was well equipped with the latest machinery. Last but certainly not least, the food was stunning, the more dishes we tried, the more satisfied we were. Nowhere had I ever tasted such a delicious food.
The reason why I would recommend you to book your holidays in this place is because not only is the service insurmountable, but also for the myriad of facilities available. Were you to yearn to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you should spend a couple of days there. It is highly likely that you will have no regrets, inasmuch as this resort is well worth a visit.

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