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What does "The dust-up comes" mean?

The standoff is just the latest in the escalating war between the House and the Trump administration. The lower chamber is set to vote next week on a massive contempt citation for Attorney General William P. Barr and McGahn for refusing to comply with subpoenas as well. The matter will then move to civil court, where Democrats hope they can convince a judge to force both men to comply with Hill probes.

The party is likely to do the same with Hicks and Donaldson should they follow the White House request and refuse to answer questions and turn over documents.

The dust-up comes as frustrated Judiciary Committee Democrats have begun calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to open an impeachment inquiry they believe will hasten judicial rulings in their favor. Investigators have been stuck, unable to advance their probes because of an uncooperative White House.

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