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"My grandpa used to pick me up from school every day. On our way back home, he would always buy me an ice-cream cone. One day, a group of gangsters waved at him with a smile on their face and he got nervous. (My grandfather was a tailor, so he knew a lot of people in our neighborhood and these guys happened to be some of his customers' children.)
I noticed something was wrong when he grabbed my hand tight, but I was too young to understand what was going on. One of these guys put his arm around my grandpa's neck and asked him to give him "a tip". My grandfather was in his late seventies back in that time, but he was very active and sturdy. However, he didn't even try to face up to these guys. He just pulled out a 20-sol bill from his wallet, gave to them and then, most of the guys walked away, except for this one guy who took my ice-cream cone away from me before he joined his friends.
I looked at my grandpa and he was blushed with powerlessness; however, as I had burst in tears, he kneeled down and told me he would get me another ice-cream cone, a better, more delicious one..and so he did. Minutes later, we were heading home, still kind of scared, but happy that we were safe and sound and we still had one another.
I miss you, dad. Thanks for protecting me and spoiling me. A child needs some of that. Happy birthday, P贸po."
does this sound natural?

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