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There are various ways for people to shop such as internet shopping and home shopping. Many people these days think that internet shopping is the best way to buy products because of saving time. However, I firmly believe that shopping in the shop is a more effective method when you consider buying something. I feel this way for two reasons, which I will explore in the following essay.

First and foremost of importance, you can get good advice from staffs. The store provides its customer skilled and proficient staffs that help you to compare products. A highly disciplined employee, especially one who is specialized in their field, can attribute significantly customers’ buying decisions and making a better environment for the guest as a whole. For example, last year I wanted to buy a laptop computer. I had many questions about the computer such as functions and components. I visited the offline store to purchase it. The staff in that shop explained concretely to my concerns and compare carefully its rival brand that I could not find the information out through the Internet. His explanation had been invaluable for choosing my computer. If I bought the computer through online, I could not get these very useful information. As this case illustrates, I believe that customer go to offline shop in order to get data regarding the products.

Second, offline shopping offers one of the reliable boosts to your mind which is responsible for feeling good. According to the various studies performed in the field of spending money in the shop, when people are shopping in the market, it can release endorphins and in turn, people are more satisfied than online shopping. The key is that they feel happier when spending money directly on the shop. Moreover, an elegant and luxury department store provides a perfect atmosphere for pondering since there are various items on display. These situations make people feel even happier.

In conclusion, I am the type of person who spends much time in the shop, and while some individuals may find offline shopping to be a trivial and even unnecessary part of their life, but I strongly believe that offline shopping has played a critical role in resulting in both receiving feedback from workers and feeling better.
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