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その水をいっぱい飲むと、体をこわしちゃう!原因が、ピュアすぎるからだ。いらないものを抜いているが、ミネラルも抜いている。いっぱい飲むと、トイレにおしっこと体のミネラル出しちゃう。ナトリウム、カリウム、マグネシウムなど。 does this sound natural?

It can be really bad for your body if you drink too much of that water. The reason is because it’s too pure. The water doesn’t contain any bad things like chlorine or fluoride but it also doesn’t have any minerals. If you drink a lot of this water you will piss out your own minerals in the toilet. Like sodium, potassium and magnesium.
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