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What does "the stinger as large as the head." mean?

Josh McClatchy knew finding water would be a problem if he was to survive after getting lost in the Arkansas woods last week. He did not anticipate the ants.

"When it comes to the wildlife, I learned very quickly that the ants were my nemesis," McClatchy told ABC's "Good Morning America" in an interview airing Friday. "Ants that were an inch long, the stinger as large as the head."

McClatchy, 38, had planned his hike in the in the Caney Creek Wilderness region, near Mena, Arkansas, for weeks. But somehow the Dallas native managed to get off the beaten trail and disoriented. He texted his mother June 1 to say he needed help, but due to spotty cellphone service he couldn't reconnect with her.

He was reported missing by his mother the same day.

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