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44. Why do people learn new languages? * Travel * Knowledge * Careers.

Generally speaking, I would say that there is a myriad of reasons why people decide to learn a foreign language.
First and foremost, I would like to mention the world of work. Due to globalization and free trade, many corporations require that their employees are fluent in a second language. In addition, were a professional to have knowledge of a second language, it is highly likely that he would find a job easily, since he will stand out in a selective process.
Another point worth a mention is knowledge. When we learn a different language, not only do we know about some criteria such as grammatical aspects, vocaburary, among other, but we also learn about the culture of the country where the language we are learning is spoken. It goes without saying that the more inmersed we are in the language, the faster outcome we will have. Furthermore, I do believe that should we want to have a proficiency level, it is highly likely that we will have to read an array of materials from different topics. Thus, not only will we learn about the language, but also of many fields.
When it comes to travels, I would that if a person is interested in living in another country for working or personal issues, it is advisable that some criteria regarding to the learningship of the language should be met, otherwise he will have great difficulty in interacting and communicating with others. When the travel is for pleasure and it will only last a couple of days, learning the basics of the language can also be useful.
All in all, I would that there is virtually no doubt about the advantages of learning a foreign language.

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