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could you please correct my anecdotes about the cultural difference between Japan and Canada?

When I was an exchange student in Montreal, Canada, I visited New York City during winter vacation. On the way back to Montreal in a train, I got upset because I found I had forgotten bringing my Canadian student VISA which is needed for reentering Canada after. A border examiner came to me and asked me to show him my student visa in Canada. I honestly told him my fault. Then He seriously said, “Come with me to their office taking off this train.” I was nervous and afraid that I could not go back to Montreal. In their office, they started examining my luggage thoroughly. At the time, he found my dairy and started reading it. I was extremely scared and anxious what he was going to ask me. Surprisingly, he asked me, “Oh, you did go to La Banquise !?” After that we just had a casual conversation about Montreal’s gourmet and they gently let me go back to the train.

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English (UK)

English (UK)
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