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84. What is the point of learning a foreign language? * Work * Travel * Cultural reasons.

Generally speaking, I would say that learning another language is of paramount importance for se veral reasons.
The first reason I would like to mention is work. It goes without saying that due to globalization and free trade, many companies require that their employees have knowledge of a second language. Were you to apply for a job, it is highly likely that you would stand out if you speak another language. Furthermore, if you are able to speak another language, you can improve your income, inasmuch as, people who have fluency in other language earn more. Let alone that you can work in different fields, not only can you teach, but you can also translate.
Another point worth a mention is travel. If you have the opportunity to travel to another country, you will enjoy much more if you know the language of the place you are visiting, since you can interact with the locals, and know their traditions, without the need of intermediaries. Furthermore, locals feel appreciated when they acknowledge the fact that a holidaymaker has made an effort to learn their language.
In regard to cultural reasons, I do believe that when we learn a language, not only do we learn about grammatical rules, vocabulary, etc, but we also try to understand the culture of the place. We consider some aspects such as what are their customs, how are their personalities, what are their traditional dishes, just to mention but a few. What we need is to know better all that is related to the language we are learning.
All in all, I would say that there are an array of benefits of learning a foreign language and the more use we can give for learning it, the better will be our fluency.

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