4 Dec 2016

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HELP Re-Write Short email to library

I have written a short notification email to a publishing house, asking them not to send a copy of their catalogue to the library I used to work at some point because there have been certain changes and now the catalogue in question is no longer needed at our organization.

Could you kindly re-write my text so it sounds natural in the given context?
Thank you.
Here's the text of my e-mail:

Dear __Press,

For around 4 years you have been sending a copy of the __Catalogue to the institution named above. During that time I was working there as a department librarian and I am very grateful for having continuously received your most recent catalogues.

However, with regard to certain changes I would like to kindly ask you NOT to send the __Catalogue to the ___ institution in future any more.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

I would be grateful for a short confirmation reply.

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