5 Dec 2016

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please, who could help me to correct this text? I don't good for writing in english.
Saramurillo is a dangerous community of district of Urarinas, in Loreto- Peru. This place is beautiful, you can find different kind of animals, birds, trees, etc but all this is in danger of extinction. The spills oil of the company Petroperu in the Marañon River is causing the disappearance its natural habitat, besides destroying the area where different shipibas communities live.
Now, we have an opportunity to protest for thus situation. Our object is keep the environment, avoid more extinction of species and more pollution in the community near, and stop the exploitation of oil; not only because we want to prevent another spill oil, if not because the company Petroperu has 40 years of antiquity and no have capacity for keep exploiting petroleum.
Since Lima we can perform strikes and ask to be revoked some project of law. The population of Loreto need that their right are respected or promote a responsible and ecological exploitation of natural resources.

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