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The G20 summit is a forum for multilateral cooperation (Campbell 2014). Today, the summit resembles a platform where issues of mainly bilateral relations are resolved. I believe that the most important issue for discussion is strengthening economic cooperation between the countries and maintaining peaceful relations on the world stage. The overall well-being of the world depends on the behaviour of many countries. But the Russian Federation and the United States of America are the most important players in economic and political issues (Legvold R. 2018). It is the example of the relationship between the two big powers that has a serious impact on other countries, because these countries are an example, a role model. Next in importance is the issue of gender equality and the empowerment of women. Although at the moment in the Russian Federation and the United States it is not so acute, but there are problems to be solved. For example, it is more difficult for women to reach career heights because of the biased attitude of the leadership to them. As a result of the discussion, specific measures will be taken, which will lead to a more fair situation in the labor market of the United States and Russia. An additional advantage will also be the positive impact of these countries on the entire world community.
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