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Norwegian (bokmal) Norwegian (nynorsk)
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「お箸」とは、東アジアの食器の一種であり、木・金属・プラから作られて、同じ長さの棒2本からなります。使い方は、片手で2本ずつ持っています。 does this sound natural?

英語:"Chopsticks" are a kind of eating utensil from East Asia which consists of two sticks of equal length made out of wood, metal or plastic. They are held in pairs by one hand.
ノルウェー語:«Spisepinner» er et slags spiseredskap fra Øst-Asia som består av to pinner av tre, metall eller plastikk og som har samme lengde. De holdes parvis med éi hånd.
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Norwegian (bokmal) Norwegian (nynorsk)
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