5 Dec 2016

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Question about Turkey

Can you explain some confusing comments by Turks? (generic example)

Sorry this is so long. My two questions are at the bottom.

Please understand I do not mean to insult Turks. I think there's a language barrier and a cultural difference about what it's ok to talk about. Also, everyone is different, and there are trolls on all sides.

Turks commenting in English generally speak it well. But since English is not their first language, I think some accidentally imply things that they don't mean to say.

Politics are sensitive, so I will use a silly example. It's not a good one, so then I'll explain a bit.


Let's say that there is a new internet meme. Americans and Turks use a it a lot. A month later, the meme is old and annoying to see. But instead of moving on, people start to argue.

So an American comments to a Turk, "you should stop posting these old memes." Then a Turk replies, "Americans ignore their own worn out memes! We are not as boring as you say."


The American is being a hypocrite because Americans still post the old memes. There's an idiom: "the pot calling the kettle black." That means the Americans do the same thing that he criticizes in the Turks. In his reply, the Turk seems irritated or angry. If so, I understand.

The thing is, it seems like something more is being said. When more serious subjects are discussed, this leads to misunderstandings and anger. In this conversation, the wording of this Turk's reply suggests that he thinks it's literally not boring if the Americans are doing it too.

My thought is that both sides have been boring, so both sides should own up to it. But also, we are nosy. Maybe everyone really should just worry about their own stale memes.

Just to explain (not to defend), when most Americans talk about other countries, I don't think they believe that America is innocent. I was taught about many bad things from American history in high school.

But some get too passionate and lose perspective. We love free speech but still argue with each other about what should be ok to say when someone with opposite views has offended us. The knee jerk responses are tiring, but common.

I understand that these may be strange, insulting questions. Everyone is different, and trolls everywhere make others look bad.

1. When Americans make a hypocritical accusations, does this generally make Turks really angry, or is it just frustrating?
2. Does the Turk also mean "why bother pointing this out?", "if we're both doing it, it's not really a crime", or some other thing?

I do not mean to offend. It sound ridiculous now that I have typed it out. But I ask because the way some Turks reply, their wording sometimes suggests that. I think Americans read it and don't stop to ask questions.

Thank you for reading this long post and helping me to understand!

If you have questions about stupid things Americans say, feel free to ask me.
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