5 Dec 2016

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Question about English (US)

please help me with grammar task
1. I hope when I (return ) you (finish) cleaning your room, Muriel.
2. My mother's hair is going grey. I think she (go) completely grey by the time she (be) 45
3. .... it (rain) before the snowstorms began ?
4. By the end of the month Greg (work ) for "Fox S Sons" for 10 years. I hear , Mr. Fox (give) him a pay rise .
5. He (spill always ) coffee on his shirt ! It (make) me furious
6. (Not recognize ) my classmate because we ( not see) each other for more than 3 years
7 . They (live) in that house for more 20 years since it was built
8. Thank goodness Barbara (take) more exercise these days. She (seem) much fitter
9. Nancy (compose ) a song for her mother for 2 hours before she (go) to her French class yesterday

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