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Chapter 3. Essay. (M. Harrison)

Is it an irrefutable fact that currently childhoods are completely different THAN THE ONES twenty years ago, or conversely, have they not had drastic changes regarding children's games? There are divergent views on this issue.
On the one hand, the first text highlights the fact that children's lives were better in the past. The reason the author deem so is because nowadays children are given an array of sophisticated toys and a great deal of money. Contrary to the children of two decades ago, who had only a few toys and were forced to use their imagination so as to have an agreeable time. In addition, it is feasible that the more toys a child POSSESSES, the more spoilt he would become.
On the other hand, the second text encompasses some reasons for the change in children's games. First and foremost, in spite of the fact that mothers try to IMPART their traditions, concerning games, children are more interested in new tendencies, and more often than not they discarded the traditional games. Secondly, albeit that some games seem invariablE, there have been slight changes in order to become more appealing to children. Last but not least, there are environmental reasons. Nowadays, children no longer use rubber bands to kill birds and this is anymore a game, since people are more concerned about the importance of the sustainability of ecosystems.
There is no denying that children's recreationAL ACTIVITIES have BEEN EVOLVING at the same pace that society. Not only are modern toys available, but also technological breakthroughs have been devised. As time passes by, children spend more and more time in their computers or playing video games. What concerns most parents of this new tendency is that they do not dedicate enough time to outdoor activities. This can have a counterproductive effect in the proper pshychological development of children, inasmuch as the more time a child spend stuck behind a computer, the less time they will dedicate to social interaction.
In conclusion, I would that there is no doubt that each generation has its own games and ways of entertainment. Nevertheless, it is absolutaly important that children also practice street games in order to enhance their social abilities as well as to lead a lifestyle less sedentary.

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