11 Jul 2019

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Question about Spanish (Mexico)

How is my accent/pronunciation? (Please rate 1 - 10)

I really want to sound as close to native as possible and I'm not sure where I stand. If 1 is the stereotypical American who has no accent at all, and 10 is native sounding, where am I? Please be completely honest. I can tell that I have a non-native accent. I'm trying to minimize it.

I'm just saying some random sentences (things I might say at work). I feel like I sound much worse than I thought. I'm assuming it's because now I can actually listen to myself instead of focusing on speaking. I know I'm hesitating some and not speaking as evening as I should.

(Hopefully my grammar was correct too, but that's not why I'm posting this.)
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Spanish (Mexico)

Spanish (Mexico)

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