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‎Does this email sound natural, formal and polite ? " Salam mrs Forhana,

Jazak Allah khayran for your kind words, it's so nice of you to say so. As I said to you, face to face teaching, for me at least, is of course the best, and I wish Maria all the best inshaAllah. in addition to learning Arabic and Quran, I think it would be good for her to be surrounded by and have Muslim friends. According to fee transfer, unfortunately, I don't have paybal,I think it is not working here in Egypt nowadays, but of course you can transfer it directly to my account. However, I think it is easier and cheaper through this website.You can ask your bank about the transfer fees and compare it to this website to see which will be better for both of us.

Again thanks a lot for your kind words, I do really appreciate them."

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