6 Dec 2016

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How different are Hongkong girls and Shanghai girls?

As a foreign guy, I met several Chinese girls from Hongkong, Shanghai, Beijing, and so on. Oh, I am in Australia.

There are many stories about Hongkong girls and Shanghai girls say that they are very similar or different.

From the Asian guys's views, it is said that they are greedy, selfish, very self-centered, and so on and on.

However, from my experience, I could not see any big difference between them. And, also I couldn't see any big difference from Korean girls, my home country.

Girls are girls. They like similar things, they want similar things, they dislike similar things.

Things they like were caring, sympathy, humourous talking, good food. Of course, gifts too. But it doesn't have to be very expensive or luxurious.

Things they dislike were... yes, ugly guy, poor guy, cheating, not giving them any care or gifts for 6 months, blah blah.

Wao, already so long it became.
The reason I ask this is, I am getting to like a girl I know more and more. She is from Shanghai, and many things I read or heard about Shanghai girls makes me afraid...

But the real she I have known more than a year now is, she is very kind, very cute and lovely, and not greedy or snobbish at all.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any suggestion, advice, wisdom for me?

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

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