7 Dec 2016

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Watching Movies

I am attending at some English courses for a group at the library.
We don't have a specific curriculum.
Our instructor is not a professional teacher. He is just a native speaker invited from the US.
The other day among other options he suggested watching movies.
I would like to tell him my opinion by sending an email.
Please, could you check this and let me know if it is grammatically correct?
In order to get the most out of our classes I have a suggestion regarding the program.

Since the library has already included in the schedule the movie club and watching movies I would like to see for our course spending our time on other structured activities like developing practical skills.
An example can be one of our recent classes when we were learning Business English vocabulary and were discussing how to write an email.
The topics can be various. I am just referring to the structure of a lesson which can be most effective.
Whereas watching a movie during our classes has several disadvantages.
We will miss out the opportunity to learn some specific vocabulary which we need most and which is valuable to us to make progress.

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