8 Dec 2016

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today, i show how to make immature jackfruit mixed meat
it is traditional vietnamese dishes. it is from north of vietnam. i think it is hard to do. but it is delisous to me.
400g meat
500g jackfruit
step1: we cut jackfruit into slices. we pour some water into the pot and put jackfruit into that pot. and heat it up to make it is nice. we let it dry. we take the pan and add some oil into the pan. and we fry jackfruit with some oil.we put some 1 spoon of salt, 1 spoon of seasoning power, some pepper. wee mix together.
step2: we pour some water into the pot. and put meat into that pot. we heat it up until it is nice. and we let it dry. and we cut it into slices.
step3: we put the meat into the jackfrui. we mix together. we cut herbs. we add herbs and peanut in jackfruit and mix together.
step4: make gravy:
50g tamarind , 1 spoon seasoning power, 25ml fish suace, 50g sugar, 2 chilli, 5 cloves of garlic
we put tamarind that we peel into hot water. we mash tamarind to make sure it has sour flavor. we throw seed tamarind. we add fish sauce, sugar, minced garlic, minced chilli, seasoning power. we mix together to make sure it has sour and sweet flavor.

please correct for me
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