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83. What can affect people's enjoyment of city life? * Atmosphere * Facilities * Size.

Generally speaking, I would say that there is no doubt that there are some INDISPUTABLE downsides that can prevent people from enjoying city life.
First and foremost, I would like to mention THE size FACTOR. It stands to reason, that the bigger a city, the more problems it can have. Not only are the crime rates higher, but also the standard of living is higher IN LARGER METROPOLITAN AREAS. In addition, more often than not, big cities are devoid of proper transportation systems. This can have a counterproductive effect in people's lives, inasmuch as they can suffer from stress when they are forced to spend a great deal of time pack like sardines. By the same token, you are expose to high levels of pollution, since each day, there are more and more vehicles and factories emitTING pollutants.
Another point worth mentioning is atmosphere. For some people, living in cities implies being in a jungle of concrete, where we need to struggle with the hustle and bustle. Furthermore, there are few green areas where we can take a breath of fresh air.
As far as facilities are concerned, I would say that maybe some people can feel overwhelmed with the wide range of alternatives available. What strikeS them the most is that we are surrounded for a great deal of choices, and sometimes we spend a lot of time making comparisons to choose the best option.
On the other hand, we can name a plethora of benefits that brings living in the city. Not only are job, but also educational opportunities available. Furthermore, it is unlike that you feel bored inasmuch as there are several options to get out of the drudgery.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no denying the fact that living in city can affect the enjoyment of life. Notwithstanding, the other side of the coin is that the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages, and what we need to do is strike a balance, and every now and then spend some quality time in the countryside.

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