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112. What aspects are important in a young child's development? * Attention * Education * Nourishment.

By and large, I would say that there are certain aspects that are imperative when it comes to young children's development.
First and foremost, I would like to mention nourishment. It stands to reason that children need a proper diet that includes all the necessary nutrients for their proper development. Were a child to be devoid of vitamins, he could suffer from a myriad of illnesses, or even worse malnutrition. By the same token, it is of paramount importance that parents acknowledge the fact that fast foods and sweets can have a counterproductive effect in children's health. Should a child have a great intake of this kind of food, he would be prone to suffer from obesity. It goes without saying that the better nutrited a child is, the better his performance in different activities will be.
As far as attention is concerned, there is no denying the fact that the more care a child receives, the better his psychological development will be. Conversely, if a child is treated with disrespect or he is abused, it is highly likely that he develops pshychological issues. Furthermore, children should be listened and if is possible meet their needs.
In regard to education, I would like to highlight that children do need to receive proper education, not only in terms of knowledge, but also values. I do believe that such responsibility should be shared between parents and teachers, inasmuch as they are in charge of children's education. What is more, they should acknowledge the fact that they should set a good example for children, since, more often than not, they learn by immitation. Thus an acts speak more than words.
In a nutshell, I would say that there is no about about the importance of the aspects aforementioned for the children's development.

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