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Hello, everyone. I am Takumi Hagiwara. I am a university student at the Hyogo University of Teacher Education. Thank you for coming here. Today, I am going to talk about my favorite sport, volleyball, because I would like you to know the fun sport.
I think volleyball has two major appeals. First, I think the attraction of volleyball is 『connect』. Second, volleyball play is an important one by one, you can get a sense of exhilaration.
First, I talk about the attraction, connect. I think volleyball is a sport that not only connects the ball but also connects the player’s mind. The volleyball can be touched up to three times, and the first and second times have to be played thinking about teammates.
Volleyball is a rare ball game that you should not drop the ball, and for that reason, it is essential to cooperate with your teammates. And I think that is the attraction of volleyball.
Second, I think volleyball can be exhilarating in many situations such as spikes, receive and blocks. At first glance, the spike seems to get the biggest exhilaration feeling, but the block and the receiver which stops the spike of the enemy’s slimming give a sense of exhilaration more than scoring with the spike.
In conclusion, in this presentation, I talked about my favorite sport, volleyball. First, I talked connect. Second, I introduced exhilaration. Volleyball is a very fun ball game. Why don’t you play volleyball? Thank you for listening.
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