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Are these sentences natural?

I talked about the attractions, I will introduce you to two café I recommends. The first one is here. This café is very stylist shop with a karfonian-style organic kitchen. The location is near the Meriken Park, but it is a hideaway café because the alley is out of place. The café has bright atmosphere and you can have a fun time.
The second café is this café. The sign menu is baked cheese cake. The secret of its deliciousness is the use of cream cheese and fresh cream from Hokkaido’s Takanadshi dairy industry. The freshness of the ingredients and the exquisite degree of baking made me fell very relaxed.
I talked to you so far. You understand about the attractions of the café hop? Café-hop is like treasure hunting. You can find and discover what you want and enjoy exciting and unrealistic world.

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