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102. How are our attitudes to health changing? * Prevention of illness * Alternative medicine * Life expectancy.

By and large, I would say that our attitudes to health have undergone many changes.
First and foremost, I would like to mention prevention of illness. It stands to reason that as time has gone by, we acknowledge that some bad habits such as eating fast food, leading a sedentary life, drinking alcohol, smoking, just to mention but a few, can jeopardize our health. For this reason, there is an array of campaigns that foster the importance of a good nourishment and physical activity. What is more, nowadays at schools the impair effects of the aforementioned habits are taught. Nothwitstanding, many people are reluctant to relinquish such habits.
As far as alternative medicine is concerned, there is no denying the fact that some people conceive that homeopathy, reiki, acupunture, Chinese medicine, among others, have better results that mainstream medicine. They deem so because not only is the interaction between alternative practitioners and patients more positive but it also does not have nasty side effects. In addition, many celebrities claim that alternative medicine has magical effects if you believe so. Not to mention that can be cheaper. The other side of the coin is that contrary to conventional medicine, this is based on anecdotal experience and it has not scientifically been proved. Furthermore, a fool and his money can be easily parted, inasmuch as there are many scammers that take advantage of the people's ingenuity.
In regard to life expectancy, it is crystal clear that it has increased in the last decades. The main reason for such increase is because due to technological breakthroughs the field of medicine has advanced greatly. Not only do doctors have more artifacts for research, but also a myriad of vaccinations have been developed, which has plummetted the death rate.
All in all, I would say that there is no doubt that our opinions of health have changed considerably.

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