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110. What role does the media play in our lives? * Informs * Entertains * Shapes opinions.

By and large, I would say that mass media plays a pivotal role in our lives.
First and foremost, I would like to mention that it informs. It stands to reason that the main aim of mass media is to keep us abreast of the current affairs that happen around the world. Were you to be updated, you could watch news on TV or scroll on the Internet. Never before have we seen that news spreads like wildfire.
As far as entertainment is concerned, there is no denying the fact that an array of materials are available for people of all ages. On television, we can see a myriad of programs which range from soap operas to reality shows. More often than not, families gather together to watch these kind of programs, because not only is it the cheapest way of entertainment, but also because it a good way of unwind from the stress of our daily lives. By the same token, in the Internet what will find is a variety of channels and websites that allow us to be entertained and even make us to have squared eyes.
In regard to opinions, I would like to highlight the fact that not only does mass media inform, but also has a brain-washing effect. What I mean by that is that on many occasions, they make use of the popularity of some celebrities and make a ploy to convey certain information. Were a person to be a fan of an actress, it is highly likely that he would be encouraged to follow her ideas. In addition, it is crystal clear that we are bombarded with biased information. For this reason, it is of paramount importance that we consult in reliable sources in order to not be misinformed.
To sum up, I would say that there is no doubt about the importance of mass media in our lives.

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