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Kateřina is the wife of Jindřich Prakšický ze Zástřizl, the lord and the owner of the Castle Buchlov. He becomes the owner of the castle in 1581 and in the same year he marries the beautiful Lady Kateřina.
People do not live Jindřich because of his character. Even his own wife does not like him. She loves someone else. For this reason, she has her husband murdered only a year after their wedding. Jindřich is killed in 1582.
People believe that the Black Lady appearing in the scariest room of the castle – the Room of the Dead – is the spirit of Lady Katherine. She haunts the castle as a punishment for her participation in the murder of her husband.
does this sound natural?

I am not allowed to use past tenses or the passive. How could I change "she has him murdered" into a less complicated structure for beginners in English?
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