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What does " padded board decks" (3rd paragraph) mean?

Alvarez works with input from MossRehab therapists to create big, roomy boards that are long and wide enough to accommodate both the surfer and the volunteer who rides tandem with him or her. The boards are even fitted with an attachment to accommodate a GoPro camera so surfers can capture the joy on their own faces as they roar toward shore.

What makes the boards especially sweet is that Alvarez, who teaches science at Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, works with students from both Carusi and Pinelands Regional High School, in Little Egg Harbor, to decorate them.

This year's models feature hand-drawn images of beachy sunsets and dancing sea animals intermingling on the padded board decks with inspirational sayings like "Just do it," "Be yourself," and "Stay strong." Another shouts, in big curly letters, "Challenge Accepted" — MossRehab's slogan.

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English (US)


English (US)

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