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Prepositions - manner--

English has seven common prepositions of manner, relation or agent: against, among, by, for, with, without, except

Manchester United are playing against Real Madrid next week.
He was just one among many candidates.
The Harry Potter books were written by J.K.Rowling.
I've just bought a present for my mother.
I'm going to England next week with my girlfriend.
You can't play football without a ball
I told everyone except my brother.

Prepositions introducing a verb phrase:

He broke his glasses by standing on them
You can't play football without using a ball.

See how by and without are propositionswitho and are not conjunctionspre..
While we can say Before coming to London... or Before he came to London...
we cannot say He broke his glasses by he stood on them.
By can not be used as a conjunction.

Is the English here correct?

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