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Can you please check these sentence for me?

I tried to create sentences using these words at the beginning. So, try to modify without changing those words and the sentence meaning.

32.Debase (The soap opera was debased for inciting prejudice and to make inappropriate scenes for children who was watching.)

33.Decry (The newspaper was strongly decried by telling fake news about the mayor Peter having an affair with Julie, his secretary.)

34.Deferential (I'm glad when I see people treating their parents with deferential customs, this show that the values are still present nowadays.)

35.Demure (It's not a surprise that her mother is proud of her daughter, after all, she's well educated and demure.)

36.Deride (The team was derided after losing the play by 10 vs 0. In the middle of the play the supporters left the stadium.)

37.Despot (My history teacher asked me to write an article about some despot people who in the past caused a lot of chaos in the world.

38.Diligent (To make progress on whatever the circumstances are, it’s required to be diligent and don’t settle.)

39.Elated (My father served the military for 5 years. Last week he finished his job and came back to home. I didn’t know he was coming, and when I saw him in the living room I was so elated that I jumped on his lap.)

40.Eloquent (The bible quote a lot of people that although wasn’t considered eloquent, they had so much courage to preach in huge crowds. Moses one time said ‘’God, I’m not eloquent, couldn’t you send another person?’’, and God responded, ‘’Moses, who made your mouth? Don’t you think I know everything about you? I made you.’’

41. Embezzle (I read today on the newspaper that two man were arrested for embezzling their boss. According to the newspaper they stole a huge amount of money from the cashier box and tried to make up a story that the money was stole by thieves. They were condemned and will respond for embezzlement.

42.Empathy (There are some characteristics very crucial in a relationship. One of them is Empathy. I want to be involved with a person who sometimes can put herself in my spot, understand what is behind my emotions, reasons and interests. It’s not her role to know everything about me, but I think the relationship tends to grow when there’s affection and sympathy.)

43.Enmity (There will be times where you will need to forgive someone that have done despicable things towards you, cause no matter the circumstances are, you know that hatred and grudge will only lead to enmity and sadness.)

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