18 Dec 2016

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Please point out my grammar mistake, thank you.
To learn dining etiquette is very important nowadays. Because we know etiquette in different countries that we would not violate others. In Saudi Arabia, law and religion are regulate what to eat. For example, Arabian can’t drink alcohol because is unlawful. Do remember don’t offer Arabian alcoholic drinks. Another example is Arabian can’t eat pork because in their religion thinks pork is impure. Additionally, here are some basic rules we need to know. First, before having a meal you should wash your hands because Arabian eat with their hands. They use their right hand to drink and to eat only. The left hand has a negative meaning so they don’t eat or pass food with left hand. The behavior will make people uncomfortable. Second, leave extra food on your plate. If you eat all the food on your plate it means your host not give you enough food. Third, the meal is usually eating while sitting on the floor and multiple dishes of the same foods that must be kept at different places on the table. Because others won’t be able to reach or pass the foods. Fourth, men and women will eat separately because of their religion. Fifth, the most senior or important person will sit in the middle of the table. When they serve drinks and food the most important or oldest person go first. It is polite and customary to drink two or three cups. If you don’t want to drink anymore then shake your glasses. Last, don’t star at other people’s food. It means you would like some food.

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