19 Dec 2016

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What is that text trying to say? Please help me!! Thank you so much!!
Dupont “placed restrictions,” Murray continued, “on breeding programs, although this was considered a scientist’s prerogative. They demanded publication oversight....DuPont insisted upon a share of any commercial breakthroughs made using the Oncomouse.”

The Oncomouse was also controversial in the context of animal rights. According to Kathleen Conlee of the Humane Society of the United States, the organization has “grave concerns about subjecting sentient animals to commercial utilization through genetic engineering. We also oppose the patenting of animals.” The Society advocates alternatives including computer modeling of disease.

DuPont’s practices remained controversial among scientists until 1999, when Harold Varmus, head of the National Institutes of Health, brokered an agreement allowing scientists to use Oncomice without a fee for academic, noncommercial research.

The Oncomouse, and similar strains of transgenic mice that followed, have been hailed as a revolutionary development in science. Leder, now retired, modestly describes their breakthrough as “a model system” that “provided evidence [for] today’s well-accepted concept that cancer is a genetic disorder.”

In 1994—a decade or so after Oncomouse came squeaking into the world—the Smithsonian National Museum of American History acquired its specimen, preserved by freeze-drying, rather than taxidermy. The museum’s Mallory Warner believes this was done to keep intact the internal anatomy. “They were worried about maintaining preservation of tumors,” she says. “You can see lumpiness.”

Today, the Oncomouse sits in a specimen box inside a storeroom. “It’s the only object [in our section] that our photographers asked to put up on Facebook,” she says. “This is one object everyone seems to get excited about.”

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