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19 Dec 2016

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Question about Russian

Finally I get to the place to ask exactly I'm wanting to ask lol
My question is
I need someone nice and responsive and responsible to help my Russian
I'm just got started, feel really stuck right now, either cuz of my time availability or my resources
I had grammar book but its more like a book to help me fall asleep lol
My native tongue is Chinese simplified, guess not as many chance to happen to have you intrigued with my hook "I'm native to china" lol
My English is ok I've been in the USA for about 6 years now
So I would help with your English if you are needing someone like my situation
Someone to get you started
I'm 24.5 years old, love math, politics, have more compassion than many boys
I truly understand that boys don't wanna be partners with boys
And girls would think that boys (me) wanna find girl partner only for flirting
Which answer is , NO
I truly technically need someone who is not so rude but responsible and responsive to me for Russian learning purpose
Other than that, no more

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