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Simulation 2-3.

Is it an irrefutable fact that increasing the fuel's costs will mean a diminishment in traffic and pollution, or conversely, should other measures be taken into consideration? There are divergent views on this matter.
There is no denying the fact that the more expensive the petrol is, the less consumption of it THERE will be. Notwithstanding, were the prices to be increased, not only would the users of private cars, but also the users of public transport be affected. In addition, this would be a measure that will benefit the well-off who could afford the high prices and enjoy the roads, whereas the less well-off would have NO option but taking public transport.
Having said that, I deem that there is a plethora of measures that can help to improve the current situation. First and foremost, what the government does need to do is allocate more resources in order to enhance the infrastructure as well as the public transport system. If there is a good system, many people will not be reluctant to relinquish their vehicles. Secondly, it is imperative that more environmental ways of energy are employed. It stands to reason that electric cars are more environmentally friendly. In addition, a tax should be imposed to the cars that emit a great deal of pollutants. Thirdly, people who use neither their cars nor public transport, but opt for cycling to commute to work should be given an award. This would lead that each day, more and more people prefer the most environmental mode of transport. Last but certainly not least, cars should be allowed to be used at certain hours and days according to the LICENSE plate with the aim of avoiding congestions.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt that the aforementioned measures will aid to improve the traffic and reduce pollution.

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