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How do you say this in English (US)? about these sentence ⬇️

There were many other responses, but people seem to be most inclined to regret what they didn't try before they died.
Also, people say they should have done more, and they regret that they didn't do their best.

It seems that there are far more regrets about not getting married than the regret of not having children.

I think there are two regrets in knowing the regret.

1. Without knowing such regrets, after a common regret like everyone else, I knew this and said, "I should have known this sooner.”
I regret it in double.

2. I know the ordinary regret already , but I do my best, but i still regret it a little. I thought there were two streets. The latter is by far the better.

Is it correct?
I want to change these sentences into natural sentences. I want you to correct these.
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English (US)

English (US)

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