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70. What is it that makes people powerful? * Personal circumstances * Knowledge * Personality.

Generally speaking, I would say that there are some reasons that make people powerful.
First and foremost, it stands to reason that some people are cut out to occupy positions that demand a great deal of power. Not only do they have attractive personslities, but they also have developed social skills that allow them to deal with different kind of people. Were a person to be shy, it is highly likely that he would have issues trying to lead a group. Conversely, someone who is carismatic and counts on empathy, could take advantage of his qualities and lead a group.
As far as knowledge is concerned, there is no denying the fact that the more acknowledgeable a person is, the higher the likelihood of him becoming the leader of a group, where his knowledge could be needed and appreciated. Many people look up to people who have a great deal of information and can make informed decisions when is necessary.
In regard to personal circumstances, I would like to point out that some people are born with a silver spoon. This allow them to have more contacts and by pushing some strings they could have power. For instance, more often than none, politicians are born in wealthy families, where they are given a high-profile education. They are taught from an early age to become leaders and to deal with situations such as given speeches or being part of important groups. Whereas someone who is not well-off has to climb the ladder and strive much more to achieve a position of power.
In conclusion, I would say that there is no doubt that some criteria is important when it comes to being powerful.

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