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Question about English (UK)
Can someone please fill in the blanks precisely by listening?

Woman: _______________♬
Dog: We're _______! We're _______!
Mom: CJ? ______ do the laundry.
Dog: Oh, it's Gloria and ______.
Woman: I did my laundry.
Mom: You know that's not what I meant.
Woman: Mom, ______ school all day, every day. You guys are here all day. _________ his laundry _______.
Mom: Because I told you to. So why don't you just stop writing these _______ songs you're too scared to sing in public and just do the laundry?
[She leaves and her boyfriend is still standing there]
Mom's boyfriend: Hey! If I (talk/talked) to my mother the way you do, she _______ tomorrow.
Dog: Oh, ____ man.
Woman: Washing machine 2nd _________.
Dog: Everytime CJ (talk/talked) to Gloria and the man, it meant one thing - a long walk.
Woman: ________________________________ go back.
Convenient store guy: Hey! You always talk to yourself?
Dog: Are ____________________.
Woman: Oh. Sorry. ________.
Convenient store guy: Okay, but __________. Uh, are you gonna buy something? 'Cause if you are, I got to go back in.

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English (UK) Urdu Near fluent


English (UK) Urdu Near fluent
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