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How do you say this in English (US)? About these sentence ⬇️

I'm glad that it's finally taken for granted recently, since I've stopped buying familiar ingredients and seasonings forever, and avoidgoing to the cafes I've been used to and going home on the same path.
For example, if you buy red radishes that are unfamiliar to Japanese cuisine, the range of dishes naturally expands and is fun!

Once I've got to know all the shops in every building in my neighborhood, I'll see the scenery and depth just by walking around the neighborhood, just as if I were looking at the title of a book and recalling the story.

Even when I went out, I didn't go into a shop I knew, and i started to go through a coffee shop or road i didn't know, and recently I found it fun to look at the map.

Is it correct??
I want to change these sentences into natural sentences. I want it to correct these.
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