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Can you check the grammar of my essay below?

To begin with, endangered animals should be protected by human beings since they cannot describe their feeling nor utterly ask help to a human, and they are weaker than human beings while the value of life is equal between humans and animals. Even I would say they have got to be in danger due to the collapsion of the environment by a human. I cannot deny that my opinion has been profoundly influenced by my personal experience in the past.
When I lived in Philippines, people generated so many garbage and landfilled those in the mountains in a suburb area. Due to the damage to the environment, the biological balance in the mountains got unbalanced and many rare animals disappeared. After it happens, we cannot regain those species. So, humans have to keep a safe environment and habitats for animals. In conclusion, the animals who cannot communicate with humans and protect their living by themself should be preserved by humans who destroy original habitats of animals.

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